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Jegathesan Durairaj (IT JEGAN)

I am Jegathesan (Popularly known as itjegan in twitter), Risk Defined Option Strategist, Algo Trader, YouTuber, Financial Guide & Trainer in Stock Market.

By profession, I am a Software Engineer, but my passion towards trading blessed me to turn as a Full Time Trader since 2018 after enjoyed 15 yrs in IT industry.

I commenced my career in stock market with 3L capital in 2015. From day one I had been selling options till now as I do follow the footsteps of big boy. Till today I have accumulated wealth to 4 Cr through trading with CAGR of 66% over the period of 7 years.

With my IT Programming skills & Math instincts, Optimization in many trading strategies was cakewalk. Usual myth is “Trading is a Purely Luck Formula or Gambling”, But only Big Boys know that it is numeric game.That drove me to automate all my trading strategies to a complete Algo setup, which led me a way to make money in a passive way.

More than 100 people had subscribed my Algo setup for its robustness among all Market volatilities & Gaps. Algo Managed Total fund size is close to 100Crs which is my long-term vision when I took first step in stock market

My hobbies are getting addicted to R & D on trading, Reading Book and being fitness enthusiast.

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In the world of options trading, risk management is key. With the right strategies and a disciplined approach, success is within reach. -“Jegathesan Durairaj”

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